What all the Fuss is About with Skin Rejuvination


Everybody wants a beautiful flawless skin. However, many struggle to achieve this desire; I once belonged in this group of desiring a beautiful vibrant skin that is smooth and softer. Undesired skin imperfections such as sun damage, stretch marks, acne, blotches, scars, wrinkles, Rosacea and age spots make people feel uncomfortable and look ugly. Who wants to stay with such skin imperfections? No one wishes to have them and they come without a welcome anyway! This is why everyone struggles to get rid of them in any means possible.

You may not understand how it feels when you have such skin imperfections; well, wait until your skin gets into such a mess! How I got sun burns and stretch marks on my body was a mystery to me, can’t tell. But before I thought of the way forward, acne knocked on my door. Hell no! I could imagine that ugly face and look; I started losing confidence in myself. I could not figure out walking with my friends and visiting public places with the fear of people will be staring at me. I had lost my beauty in such unexplainable way.

“There is always a way forward to every problem”, those were sentiments from a caring friend. She introduced me to make-ups, creams and lotions that could help me regain my beautiful skin. Oh! This sounded great and I could afford a smile. I started using creams, lotions and all beauty products that could help. Did this give a lasting solution? No. The idea was great and helped in the short while but turned out to be expensive in the long run when I realized that creams and lotions only cover the problem instead of eliminating it.

The search for a lasting solution started with consultations with beauty therapist, dermatologist and clinical experts. This didn’t take long before I got advice on the IPL skin rejuvenation that could give me flawless skin. With IPL treatment for skin rejuvenation, I was assured that my search for skin rejuvenation was over. When I finally went for IPL treatment, I realized that the treatment could cure more than one condition of skin imperfection including, broken veins and capillaries, treat age spots and sun damage, treat fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate spider veins, treat enlarged pores and acne scarring among other skin imperfections.

The experience I got with IPL treatment is one that leaves me recommending to others who have skin imperfection. With three treatment sessions at an interval of three weeks, the skin imperfection i was having were no more. I felt a smoother skin and more beautiful. In addition, my collagen production had been stimulated by heat energy during the treatment. This has firmed and rejuvenated my skin.

The good thing is no serious pain is felt and has little discomfort. No serious side effects can be experienced and the aftercare advice is given after treatment.

Are you having an ugly looking face or skin imperfections? Make yourself beautiful with IPL treatments.

The Pros and Cons of Limousine Hire

Whether you’re attending an end-of-year ball, your first prom or a long-awaited wedding, riding in a limousine is always an exciting experience.

Imagine cruising with the rich and famous down the main stretch of your city while you stretch out your legs and sip champagne from a fancy flute.

This all sounds lovely, but before you start writing out that check, consider the pros and cons of limousine hire.


  • Fun - Absolutely!  It’s fun with a capital “F.”  This can be an unforgettable experience and one to definitely tick off the bucket list.  The mood is set when a limousine pulls up.
  • Alcohol - Where there’s a limousine, there’s alcohol, and while we’re not promoting drinking, we must mention that you, are at least in a safely driven vehicle where you won’t need to worry about the amount of alcohol you ingest.
  • Space - Loads of space. Depending on whether going stretch or standard limousine size, you can fit up to 30 people at once.  Of course, the more people, the less space to stretch those legs, but if it’s fun you are after and the more the merrier, then consider the stretch limo.  Standard size limos can take six to eight passengers comfortably.
  • Planning - You can plan your limousine ride from beginning to end.  The driver will wait for you as you jump in and out, from club to club or house to house.  So be sure to book your start and end time very specifically, as well as the duration or distance you wish to go, so that you’re not in for a surprise when the bill comes.
  • Variety - Limousines come in a variety of makes and models, and some are even custom built with themes.  Whether you’re into Barbie and Ken or Star Wars, the choices are seemingly endless.


  • Price - Depending on the duration of your trip, you can find stretch limo hire at reasonable rates.  But if you’re looking for bells and whistles, then expect to spend a pretty fortune.  Standard limos are obviously cheaper, while stretch limos cost a little bit more, and Sport Utility Vehicle limos with potential off-road capabilities being the most expensive.
  • Unwelcomed attention - While you might not have a problem with this – after all, why would you hire a limo if you didn’t want attention – we need to warn you: just like a celebrity, your limo experience could include some wild, possibly inebriated fans.  Although they don’t know who you are, be prepared for an onslaught of attention that might not always be so gentle.

Now that you have a little more information on the pros and cons of hiring a limousine, pull out that blue ruffled suit and shiny patent-leather shoes, or for the ladies out there, your glittery sequenced mini, and have a ball with limo hire melbourne.

Food That Keep The Skin Looking Young

Before you think of those expensive beauty creams to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing; discover the secret about the foods that will work wonders to your skin.

Everyone knows that beauty is not a onetime work but a constant work in progress, that means you need to work on your body, taking care of it because the body is always subjected to free radicals from UV rays, smoking and other harsh environmental factors that damage the skin, reduce collagen production and functionality of the body in general.

You will hear people talk of eating a balanced diet for a healthy living; but can you define that balanced diet? You can still eat a lot processed foods with full calories and claim it to be a balanced diet. Here is a list of types of food that will keep your skin young and soft.

No ipl laser treatment can acheive the same results as natural healthy living. Even if you use the best beauty salon equipment in the world your skin will not look as good compared to drinking lots of water and keeping out of the sun.

Leafy green vegetables: Spinach, Kales, Turnip greens, Dandelion and Broccoli are top vegetables that contain vitamin A, Iron as well as vitamin K. Iron helps in the circulation, vitamin A helps retain moisture and improve skin elasticity and vitamin K helps prevent varicose veins. The Lutein content in these vegetables protects the skin from sun-induced inflammation.

Fruits: citrus, strawberries, apple, pomegranate, watermelon, blueberries and avocado. Citrus, pomegranate, blueberries and strawberries contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that boosts production of collagen fibres which break down as we grow. Citrus also contains bioflavonoids which protect the skin from UV rays and prevent cell death. Avocado has vitamin E that moisturises and eases dry skin. Watermelon is a source of lycopene, an antioxidant that protect the skin from sun damage.

Nuts: Almonds and Walnuts being top nuts, Almonds are rich in vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant for healthy skin. Walnuts are rich in Alpha-linolenic acid, an Omega-3 fat that lubricates skin layers making the skin supple

Tubers: basically Sweet potatoes and Carrots. Sweet potatoes contain Beta-carotene which balances the skin’s PH and help to combat dryness and promote cell turnover. Carrots contain carotenoids which prevents overproduction of skin cells which can lead to clogged pores.

Most beauty salon equipment suppliers in Australia will tell you that they have the technology to replace living a healthy lifestlye and looking after your skin by staying out of the sun and not smoking. But the sad truth is... everyone ends up looking the same - old.

Fatty fish: Salmon, Sardines, Herring, Lake Trout, Mackerel and Albacore Tuna are the fish types with Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful antioxidants that help fight the free radicals.

Soy foods: traditional soy foods include soymilk, soynuts and green soybeans (Edamame). Soy protein is also used in baked food like in making bread, crackers and others. With Isoflavone content, soy foods help to improve skin firmness and reduce fine lines.

Tomatoes: when you use tomatoes, you are not just adding flavor to your meals to make them taste delicious. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant that prevents the skin from sunburn and improve collagen production.

Want to lose weight fast? Then stay away from fat cavitation machines and look at eating less and moving more.

The foods you eat will tell how you want to live. Health living is your choice and it all starts with the diet you feed on.